June 24, 2024
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The 8 Questions You Must Ask Before Working With Any Business Credit Building Company

Although there are few business credit-building companies, many still exist.


I will show you how to obtain unlimited capital for your company.

You can lower your credit score without risking your assets or affecting your credit history.

These 8 simple questions will help you build your business credit when applying for a small business loan.

Many people hire business credit builders companies and would like their results to improve. These 8 questions will help you ensure that you are working with a legitimate business that can help build your business credit and get you the small business loan you need. Do you need to get a business loan what you want?

Why is it important to have a knowledgeable advisor? Why shouldn’t you work with a knowledgeable advisor? The Fair Credit Reporting Act doesn’t apply to business credit bureaus. If your credit file is “Red Flagged,” it can be reopened. This means that your company needs to receive credit or a business loan.

If you want to build your credit and get working capital, there is a proven process that must be followed. You could be placed in the “High-Risk” category if you do not follow this proven process. If that happens, any lending institution will not grant you a small business loan or cash advance. There is no way to get it removed.

Before deciding who you will work with, choose an honest credit-building company with the experience, knowledge, and proven systems to support your needs.

Question #1

Do I get only CASH credit or trade credit?

Many companies will help you get trade credit. Trade credit is only available to the individual creditor. This is great for those who need $3000 worth of paper products. However, it is unsuitable if you require payroll or inventory loans to pay your business expenses.

If it’s CASH credit, do I still need to guarantee the application personally?

If the company tells you that you must personally guarantee every type of credit, you are not receiving the full benefits of business credit. Remember that the solution must direct you to business financing services that do not require personal guarantees. However, these non-traditional lenders will still need your social security number and will check your credit. This is done to ensure that you comply with banking regulations.

Question 2:

A coach can guide me step-by-step on how to form my business, build credit, and get a merchant or business loan.
You already know the intricacies and pitfalls of incorporating your company and how to build corporate credit. (I’ve done it. This is something other than stuff you want to do on your own.

Call another company if you are still waiting to receive step-by-step guidance from a credit coach who can help you achieve predictable success. In a later article, I will detail each step to secure business loans without personal guarantees.

Question #3

Will you charge me hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to help me if I get stuck even though I’m following all the steps?

Many companies will charge you low fees up front and add additional charges every time you call or email for assistance.

You need to be sure they provide everything you need to get a high-risk business loan or a business line of credit with bad credit. This is without any personal guarantee. You should ensure unlimited access to a coach advisor available whenever you need them.

Question #4

You can make capital loans and track the progress of your credit score with the major credit agencies through your coaching platform.

Why should you work with an advisor that blindly leads?

Question #5

Ask companies when they promise cash credit.

Avoid companies claiming they don’t need to provide financial statements, tax returns, or business plans to get a small business loan. To be approved for a cash advance without a personal guarantee, your company must prove that it is financially responsible. This means showing that it has earned revenue, paid its bills on time, and established good business credit.

I don’t believe any company that claims they can provide this type of financing.

You have to ask yourself if a lender will give you hundreds of thousands of dollars without a personal guarantee and without proving that you are a safety risk. I will teach you how to make yourself a safe bet and get a small business loan.

Question #6

What are the salaries of your coaches?

This is an important question! Would you rather work with someone who doesn’t care about you obtaining the loan that you need? It’s possible to do it!

Question #7

Will you let me go from one lender to another when I apply for a loan?

Another important question. Virtually all credit-building companies will refer you to a lender when you apply for a loan. Then, they tell you to use to the next lender. You are sent on a wild goose chase, hoping that one of the non-traditional lenders will be able to provide capital loans. This sounds like something that a true business credit and finance expert would do.

Question #8

What guarantee can you offer?

It is important to understand the details of guarantee terms. Most companies will promise that their company will achieve a Paydex score of 80+. This is a good start, but more is needed.

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